WFH? Ideas to Work Comfortably from Home

With the Covid-19 pandemic roiling in, the world is figuring out a new way to work. It is all not bad for employees like us that get to stay within the comforts of our home to work and play. Although I enjoy working from home, the allure of it has faded largely because many of us have realized that we still crave the connection with our colleagues at the end of the day, and sadly that our home offices are not as well equipped as we originally thought. These are some ideas to bring your WFH set-up to the next level, and I hope that your company provided you with a budget to purchase some of these things!

  1. A comfortable working chair
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Needless to say, the thing that your body will be in constant contact with for the entire morning and afternoon should be a good investment for your WFH set up. There are many different options of chairs from basic swivel chairs to ergonomic designs and even leather bound cushioned chairs. A basic office chair will cost you $75 but if you can afford it, you should get a decent chair within the $150 to $250 range and your back will thank you for doing so.

  1. A well equipped set up for you office equipment
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One of the latest trends is buying a table that can move up and down to convert itself from a standing to a sitting table. If you care more about aesthetics and wanting a legacy table, you could reach out to a carpenter or an interior designer to create a desk that will fit all your needs and at a comfortable height for you. Building an inbuilt desk saves space for you roomr as well and would be a good option if you know exactly what you want.

  1. Good backdrop for your colleagues to admire as you are Zooming them
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After zooming my colleagues over the last few months, I have gotten quite familiar with their backgrounds. I’ve not been so impressed with some of them, and some of them are just a delight to see on video. Your colleagues would appreciate it when you have a nice background to admire when we watch you talk. One of my favorites is the bookshelf back, where the choice of books displayed gives away much about the person. It is fun and entertaining when you have a decent backdrop at the end of the day.

  1. Adequate Lighting
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Lighting is very important for your eyes to be less stressed when looking at documents or staring at the computer screen for hours. There are many desk lamps or lighting units commercially available today that are adjustable in terms of how bright or dim you want your home office to be so that it is comfortable for your eyes. Invest in a good lighting set up to enhance your home office aesthetics as well as for a good quality zoom video call to happen.

  1. Art pieces to calm you down
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After a long stressful day at work, we all need a little bit of relaxation. Having art pieces that you admire or induce calm in you would take you far in helping you regulate your moods through the day. Besides that, art pieces add flavor and character to your home office and if you happen to swivel the camera while on a video call, your colleagues might just appreciate your tastes in art and it may be a good conversation starter.


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