Want an Indoor Garden? Read this First.

A great deal of planning and consideration goes into taking a garden indoors. We want to help you get started!

Indoor gardens bring along important benefits to us at home.

From enhanced aesthetics to air quality and even productivity (Looking back, it would have been a boon for us during Singapore Circuit Breaker period too!). Furthermore, the organic food movement is growing, with some building edible gardens to grow their herbs and vegetables. Whether you’re looking to build a garden of flowers or grow your own greens at home, planning efforts can be extensive – and we want to help.

Here are some tips to get you started on building your very own indoor garden:

1. Think: How much space can you spare?

  • Are you a really enthusiastic plant person, or do you just need a small corner of nature

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It’s no secret that many of us in Singapore don’t really have the luxury of space. Before even starting, you’ll need to decide on how much space you want to, or can afford to allocate to your indoor garden. Of course, nothing has fazed innovative city-dwellers across the world from making the most of small spaces – there are many ingenious space-saving ideas you can use to build your very own garden in your flat, condo, or dare we say, studio apartment. Check out our article on how you can make it work, despite having small space. That’s right, sometimes you don’t need much space for magic to happen, heh. 

2. Do your research on maintenance efforts.

  • Because plants, like humans, also need constant tender loving care.

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A garden will grow well, only if you tend to it right. And gardening is hard work, most of the time. Before you get started, think about how much time and effort you can commit to your hobby. Perhaps you have a particular liking for a certain plant, but it requires too much care to be feasible for you to grow it. Or perhaps it’s the type that needs plenty of fertiliser, which certainly wouldn’t be ideal if you prefer to have your air conditioning switched on all day long. You also need to assess if your space lets in enough sunlight to keep your plants growing strong – or, consider plants that don’t need much sunlight. In general, think of what plant you like, what it needs, and whether you can meet those needs. Hmmm…That’s not too different from human relationships, come to think of it.


3. Ask yourself: What, really, do you like?

  • Old-school, high-tech, farm-to-table food – so many choices.

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Are you the type who finds joy in growing a plant from scratch, the “traditional” way of planting seeds from the very food you eat? Or are you going for a more new-age angle, where you buy ready-to-plant kits, or even self-sustaining plants? Are you looking to beautify your place, or do you have dreams of growing your own food? 

4. Consider your pets’ well-being.

They’re part of the family too, and probably spend more time at home than you do!

Adorable purebred puppy sitting on sofa in modern apartment

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Not all plants are safe for pets – some are toxic and can pose health risks to your pets, from discomfort to even seizures or tremors. So, do your research on pet-safe plants before making your purchases. Types of plants aside, it might be prudent to plan your plant sites properly. For example, if you’re planning to place a potted plant on a bench, assess if there is a risk of it falling on your pet. Could be it be easily knocked over by your furry friend when it rushes to welcome you when you return home? Or could your plant be easily destroyed with the swipe of a mischievous paw, a swoosh of a bushy tail, or a curious chew?

Now, you’re all set to reap and sow your rewards. Get your green thumb workin’, and have fun! You can also check out NParks’ handy guide on indoor farming, which includes tips, suggestions, best practices and more. #NotAnAd, we promise.

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