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Are you looking to renovate your dream home, but don’t know where to start? Having too many interior designers and renovators to choose from and no idea who is the best suited for you? Heard too many stories of shabby jobs from contractors?

VEHS.com is a renovation platform where home owners can browse through many home designs in order to get some inspirations for their home project. You can request to get matched with local interior design firms by simply requesting for non-obligatory quotes here.

If you are the more hands-on type of person, you can also read up on the many articles that is carefully researched and written by our in-house staffs, professional writers and volunteer editors. To cap things off, you can read the many reviews left by fellow home owners who have engaged our interior designers, renovators or contractors.

With so many ideas and contacts to choose from, one will think that it will be easier to decide on the design of your dream home but ironically, it can be otherwise! With hundreds of interior design firms in the market to choose from, who will be the most suitable for you?

We will help you to look through the many interior designers and find the ones that suit you best. We will connect you with interior designers based on your budget and style requirements for free. We have helped many happy home owners reach out to the right designers. You can click on the below button for us to assist you in connecting you with some suitable interior designers.

When you are done in choosing the right designer, you can start looking through our curated list of vendors and suppliers, renovators and contractors to source for nice furniture, appliances and devices to make your dream home come true!

At VEHS.com, we can help you make your dream home come true, one step at a time!

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