Unexpected Ideas that can Change a Room

If you are not looking for a full scale renovation or any form of work done professionally, we understand and have some great and unexpected ideas that you never knew could change the look of an entire room. Small changes can yield big aesthetic differences such as shifting a piece of furniture into the room, using art and even using mother nature. Here are some interesting unexpected ways that you can change a room.

Bring in Flowers

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Flowers automatically brightens a space. If you take a look at a five star lobby, they are bound to have a large pot of flowers at the concierge as it gives a splash of color and life to a concrete building. Try putting flowers on your coffee table or even a side table. You will be surprised with the effects of having a pot placed there. Additionally, if you feel that flowers are not to your liking or taste, you can bring in green leafy plants that would add more life to your space.

Hang Art on your wall

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Art is another way that you can leverage on to brighten up and give character to a space. The choice of art that you decide to place in the room has a big influence on how you want people to feel as they are in it. Pictures are a great way to shape the mood of a room, but physical artifacts such as vases, bowls and figurines are also great pieces of art that you can look at acquiring. If you have an eye for art pieces, they could even be a great investment piece for yourself.

Refresh your bedding sheets

Many people do not realize that your bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in a room. The easiest way to do a refresh for any room that has a bed is to change out your comforters sheets, duvet, pillow shams to give your room a whole new feel. Not only are you able to aesthetically see the difference it makes for your room immediately, you get the chance to upgrade your sheets and sleep in more luxurious comfort.

Add a themed corner

Themed areas do not have to take up a huge amount of space. It can be done tastefully to showcase your personality in the design as well as create a visual element of interest for people that are in the room. You can think about adding a little edge to the room by adding accessories, books of interest on a shelf or maybe even strategically placing a ladder at a corner of the room. Using the concept to maximalism, you can position a loud piece of work to really make a statement and shape the room.

Wallpaper One Wall

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Wallpapers bring in an abundance of character into a room. You do not have to wallpaper all four walls, and can decide to place your wallpaper on one wall to create more interesting patterns. This creates depth in the room and sometimes even a tactile feel as wallpapers can come in a variety of materials that add complexity to the room you are designing.

Bring a rug in

Have you ever been to a friends house gathering that has a luxurious and comfortable rug on the floor? Rugs are super comfortable for entertaining a group of guests if there is not enough chairs, and people love carpets or rugs against a bare floor as it is much more comfortable for your feet as you walk and feel the soft surface. It helps to proportion out sectors within a space like your living room and can be quite a statement to change up the vibe of a space.


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