The Most Popular Interior Design Styles Today

Everytime February comes around, you will definitely see these styles in one of your friends or family’s homes. These are the styles that are most in trend in Singaporean homes today and for good reason. Most of these are aesthetically pleasing and offers a good dose of practicality in everyday living.

Minimalist – Scandinavian

One of the trends in the 21st century is the minimalistic style that seems to have hit across the world. Originating from the scandinavian inspired style of simple and functional living, many stores today offer such furniture as well as interior design works to achieve this style. The slogan of minimalism is that less is more. If you don’t think you need it, it probably should not be there. Minimalism offers very practical insight and is very applicable to small apartment living and that’s why it is so popular in Singapore today.


Modern design is dominated by crisp, clean and sharp edged designs.The color palette is generally balanced between white cream and a dark wood or black color. These colors give modern spaces a very stylish feel without much clutter and accessories. When there are accessories in a modern space, it is usually well thought out and hidden only when you need to use it and then it would pop out of a well intentioned crevice in the wall. That is the mark of modernistic design.Modern styles are a little bit pricier as the appliances usually have higher end steel brushed looks.


Many people mistake contemporary for modernistic designs. Although they are similar, they are inherently different as contemporary designs calls for more moderation and normalcy in the design choices then modernistic designs. Modern designs do not necessarily features clean and crisp edges and lines, but can also integrate rounded corners, different materials, and less cohesiveness in terms of the overall feel. Contemporary design is more fluid and accepting of different styles mashed together for the 20th century.


Industrialists are known for their boldness and brashness. They are proud of being refined while at the same time rough. These characteristics shine through as their design often features the barebones of a building or structure such as the inner walled bricks, water pipes, air conditioning vents as well as concrete floors. Black and grey is a common color in industrial design and it is modelled after a large 19th century factory where light bulbs hang unenclosed in light fixtures. This design style can be very polished although it is brash as the appointments of furnishing can add complexity to the entire space.to make it comfortable at the same time.


The bohemian style is eclectic and from afar unmistakable. It shows the care free and unencumbered lifestyle where anything goes as long as you are following your heart’s desire. Many bohemian spaces are modelled after their homeowners and allow these homeowners to customize the space uniquely to their own characteristics. Bohemian spaces include vintage furniture, globally inspired artifacts acquired from one’s travels and laissez-faire designed rugs for you to sit on comfortably on the floor.


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