How to Cozy Up and Decorate a Guest Bedroom

In a city bustling metropolitan city like Singapore where space is a constraint, a guest bedroom is most certainly quite a luxury to have. The guest bedroom is a space where your guests from overseas or friends that are staying over will likely remember your hospitality by as they will be spending eight hours or more every night in this space. If you are one of the privileged few to be able to have a guest bedroom to cosy and decorate up, here are some tips to help you start your planning.

Ensure that your air conditioning is maintained well

We can’t stress this enough but having a well maintained air conditioner is one of the cornerstones of comfort in a destination that is in the middle of the tropics like Singapore. Make sure that your air conditioner is working well so that your guests can have a comfortable rest at night and would not wake up in high humidity or heat that can be uncomfortable.

Add a lounge chair or couch for your guests

If your room is large enough, adding a lounge chair, rocking chair or even a small couch for your guest room completes the whole experience for your guest as if they would like some privacy in your house to do their own things, they can retreat back to their room without having to sit in their bed. Some guests are also concerned about cleanliness and so might prefer to reserve the bed for sleeping only and a seat or couch to read a book and catch up with friends on a video call on.

Layer up neutral pillows and pure white comforters

Taking heed from the best 5 star hotel and properties in the world, one thing that is common is that their bedsheets are always a pure white laundered sheet. This provides your guest with the knowledge that the sheets are clean and washed. Ensure that you provide them with basic pillows for sleeping as well as vanity pillows above the comforter to add plushness into the bed.

Provide Amenities in the Bathroom or Table

You should always provide amenities like lotions, shavers, new toothbrushes and more for your guest rooms as if your guest forgets to bring something, they would be able to use yours instead. For added luxury, you can go to home stores to purchase jars and pretty containers to put these amenities in which will complete the experience for your guest and show that you have put thought into arranging the best for them.

Provide a Bluetooth Music Player in the Room

Music can be very influential in the ambience of the room. Some of your guests may be used to listening to calming music before they go to bed and so having a good quality bluetooth speaker available for them to use anytime would help to enhance your guests stay in your home. Bluetooth speakers these days can come in beautiful designs, and you should be able to shop around for these speakers easily at an electronics store.

Provide a thoughtful rich wood desk in the corner and writing supplies

A space to sit down and get work done is also something that you can think of furnishing your guest room with. Your guests would need to a surface in their rooms to place their belongings or even catch up on some work and this desk would be a perfect option for them to utilize to do so. Look for dark rich tones of wood to create a more intimate atmosphere. This adds warmth to a space and a little bit of sophistication to the selection of the furniture would go a long way to exude a feeling of heritage or legacy in the household that they are staying at.

A guest room is important for your guests to be able to retreat into for privacy at any time and so furnishing and designing the room around the needs of a guest is important to enhance their experience in your home.


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