Disinfecting your space? Don’t miss these important spots.

We’re cleaning our homes more than ever – but you may not be doing it thoroughly enough. Here’s why.

COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented change across the world – from major issues such as travel bans to ones closer to home, quite literally. For one, the way we clean our home is different now. Instead of just targeting dust and dirt, we’re going one step further – disinfection – that is, cleaning to eliminate germs and bacteria. But are we doing it thoroughly enough?

While remote working requirements in Singapore are gradually being relaxed, many of us may still be spending more time at home than we used to, pre-Covid. While the general rule of thumb is to wash our hands frequently, we’re only human, and we sometimes slip up. It could be bacteria from our time outdoors or germs from that involuntary sneeze or cough at home. We then go on to potentially transfer the bacteria and germs around our homes. While this cannot be completely prevented, we can take precautions to minimise the probability of it happening. Here are some high-touch points that we might miss out on:

  • Doorbell
    With many of us making online purchases more than ever, our doorbells are one of the biggest vectors of bacteria transfer. Help keep yourself, your family members, and your gift-bearing delivery worker safe by disinfecting the doorbell regularly.

How to disinfect: Simply wipe it with a cloth or cotton pad that’s been sprayed or soaked with disinfectant. Just don’t spray any disinfecting liquids directly on it since doorbells are usually electronic.

  • Light switches
    Our light switches are another thing that has made it to the “dirtiest spot at home” Hall of Fame. But it’s alright, cleaning them is easy and safe.

    How to Disinfect: Lightly spray household cleaner or rubbing alcohol into a cloth or paper towel. Then, wipe down a surface, and use a Q-tip to clean the sides. Just like cleaning your doorbell, don’t spray any liquids directly on it!

  • Remote controls
    It’s not just remote controls in hotels (oh, don’t you just miss traveling?) – your very own remote control is a host for bacteria as well, ESPECIALLY if the television is your preferred choice of entertainment as you spend more time at home.

    How to disinfect: First, remove the batteries. Then, dip a cloth in rubbing alcohol and then wipe the surface of the remote control. Use a cotton bud to clean between the buttons. Then, clean the remote control with a lint-free cloth.

  • Faucets and faucet knobs
    We’ve been told to cover our mouths when sneezing or coughing, and then wash our hands. But think about it – the droplets on our hands transfer to the faucet knob, and the next person will get into contact with any germs we may have when he or she turns off the water.

    How to disinfect: This one’s pretty simple – other than the regular “wipe down with alcohol” method we’ve been so well acquainted with, you can simply wash the knob with soap and water using the 20-second rule. Or, try to use a paper towel or your elbow to turn the knob!

  • Window handles
    Another high-touch point that doesn’t require much explanation, window handles can sometimes be overlooked because we don’t use them as often as say, doorknobs.

    How to disinfect:
    You know the drill – disinfection liquid, cloth, and a “leave no stoned unturned” mindset!
  • Fridge door handle
    For some of us, the fridge can be the most popular appliance at home – think of all the food inside! Unfortunately, it is this very popularity that makes it one of the high-touch points at home, which means a potential transfer of bacteria. Plus, it’s not just about viruses – our fridge handles can be bacteria-borne because we handle raw food.

    How to Disinfect: Ditto some of the previous points – cloth, disinfectant, and wipe away!

Cleaning or disinfection can be quite a chore, quite literally. But think about it – the pros outweigh the cons, especially in challenging times like this where we want to keep ourselves, and the ones we love most safe and healthy. Tip: make your disinfection process easier by decluttering your home. We’ve put together an easy-to-follow step-by-step decluttering guide because well, decluttering can be quite an overwhelming task. Stay safe, and we’ll get through this, together.



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