Baby-proofing your Home: Top Spots to Take Note Of

Worried about your little ones injuring themselves when crawling or toddling around your home? Here’s what to look out for.  

Being new or expectant parents can be an overwhelming time. You may find yourself lost under the piles and piles of planning – from packing your hospital bag, to purchasing baby necessities and most importantly, keeping your baby safe. It’s surprisingly easy for a baby to get into trouble – a socket here, a wire there, or a sharp edge on your cabinet that you’ve never really noticed. 

But fret not, it’s not difficult to keep your little darling safe – here’s what to look out for. 

1. Window blinds

Blinds are popular with many homeowners because they enable us to control the exact amount of light that streams into our homes. But there’s thing we may overlook, especially when we have full-length blinds – cords, which can be a strangling hazard.

What you can do: You won’t have to go without blinds, or do something extensive such as switching to curtains. Quick and easy fixes are available. For example, you can get blind cord safety stops, continuous blind cord loop anchors, or blind cord cleats that allow you to pull cords out of reach. Cordless blinds are also great – they give you all the versatility privacy and sunlight blocking, just without the cords. If you need some suggestions on great blinds to consider, here’s an article <link to blinds article>. 

Kitchen hazards

For many of us, our kitchens are full of food, as well as dangerous, and breakable items – it could be a coffee jar, pack of sugar, or a sharp knife. A knock on a cupboard, a hungry toddler – anything can happen, with a curious baby around. 

What you can do: Keep potentially dangerous and breakable items on higher shelves, out of your child’s reach – make sure nothing can be accessed even if he or she finds a chair to stand on. You can also consider getting a gate to stop your child from entering the kitchen entirely. 

3. Windows and ledges

Living in a high-rise apartment has its perks, but can also be a potential hazard for children, especially curious and active little ones who have just learned how to climb.

What you can do: Install window grilles to keep your baby safe. If you really want an unobstructed view, get invisible grilles – thin grilles that offer safety while maximising your view. <Which window grille partner would you like to feature?> 

4. Electrical outlets

Just about everything we do requires electricity these days, which might be a hazard for children’s curious little minds and fingers – for example, if a baby sticks his or her wet fingers or a piece of metal into a running electrical socket. 

What you can do: To child-proof your electrical sockets, you can get a professional electrician do the more technical work. But if you’re looking for a simple solution, or need something to tide you over while waiting for your electrician, try getting your hands on childproof coverings for your electrical sockets. These covers are made from plastic and can’t be pulled out easily by little fingers. They are cheap and easy to use, so you can just do without them when your child gets older.

5. Sharp corners

It may sometimes seem like babies are magnets for sharp corners. It seems so easy to get into an accident, doesn’t it? Sharp corners are everywhere, on that is, those on your cabinets, tables, shelves and more. But that doesn’t mean you have to revamp your entire home once you have a baby!

What you can do: Get some corner guards to keep your child safe. You don’t have to childproof every sharp corner in your home. You can simply get to a child’s level and see what he and she can potentially be looking at – you’re mostly going to just need to make changes for low-lying edges such as those on your coffee table, or drawers and cupboard doors that are within a child’s reach. 

Now that you know what changes should be made around your home to keep your baby safe, , that’s one challenge off the list – now go on and get the parenting thing down!

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