Your guide to a pet-friendly home

Pets around the home, minimal clean-up sessions, peace of mind over safety? We tell you how

As pet owners, we treat our pets as family, and only want the best for them. Here’s how you can make your home the perfect sanctuary for your animal friends. Plus, see how you can keep your pet-friendly home as clean as possible, even with the little rascals running around all day!

A safe environment for your pet

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When planning for a pet-friendly home, always consider the potential mishaps our animal friends may get themselves in. Do they have easy access to toxic materials, such as human food, dishwashing liquid and medications? Or, are breakable items within their reach? After all, our pets, as much as they don’t mean to cause any trouble, aren’t always aware of their surroundings.

Try these:

Avoid low-lying tables – items such as candles or glasses and other breakables may fall at the wag of a tail, or swipe of a playful paw.

Refrain from placing items that contain toxic chemicals on lower shelves.

Keep electrical wires out of reach, so that your curious little friends can’t chew on them.

Check out more detailed tips on keeping your pets safe at home.

Durable and safe flooring

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Paws, claws, pee, little rascals dragging things around – your pets are going to spend most of the time on the floor, so you’ll want to make your floor as durable as possible. This means something that is stain, slip and scratch resistant, waterproof and easy to clean, says local flooring expert Evorich. You may also want to go for flooring materials that are impact-resistant, to minimise any injuries to your active little friends.

Try these:

Consider vinyl tiles – they’re easy to install, and difficult to stain and scratch.

Opt for laminate flooring, marble, stone or ceramic tiles – besides being hardy, they can also keep your pets cool in Singapore’s sweltering weather.

Steer clear from hardwood floors that dent or scratch easily. These also stain easily and require swift clean-ups should your pet decide to answer the call of nature right there! However, if you are really set on hardwood flooring, try engineered hardwood – it’s made from thinner layers of wood instead of a single plank, making it more water-resistant.

Fur-resistant walls

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This one’s more for those with furry friends, though it will also work for those with other pets, say birds or frogs. We adore our pets, but oh.. their fur! It’s everywhere – our tables, floor, beds, and sometimes even in our food! While we love our pets too much to really mind, it’ll be nice to have less fur getting stuck EVERYWHERE. On our walls for instance – fur can be extra tiresome to remove because of the sheer area of space, and… we don’t really clean our walls regularly, do we?

Try this:

Get a satin or semi-glossy paint – these do a good job at repelling fur. Plus, such coats are easy to clean – you can conveniently scrub or wipe off dirty prints, bird goo, or just about any mess your pet may make, really. Tip: Opt for non-toxic paint.

Chaos-free kitchen

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Pet-friendly interiors are all about keeping your space as uncluttered as possible, so that your animal companions have space to run free, in the least accident-prone ways possible. The kitchen, as a place typically lined with breakable items and non-pet-friendly food, is no exception.

Try these:

    • Use childproof latches to secure your cabinets from curious little paws.
    • Keep food out of reach – even if your food is pet-safe, the packaging may not be.
    • Get covered trash cans.

  1. Mess-resistant upholstery

 2-seat Orange Leather Sofa Beside Wall

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Think about how the fabrics are likely to gather fur, or, if you have other types of pets, resist stains. For example, fabrics that are a magnet for pet fur – some examples are corduroy and velvet – may not be quite feasible for your home. Delicate materials such as silk, or highly absorbent materials such as cotton, may also cause you some hassle – for most types of pets.

Try these:

  • Smooth tapestries, leather, pleather are good choices because fur doesn’t stick on them.
  • Synthetic fibres are hardy, and can withstand rips well. They are also good for furniture with removable coverings because most stains can be removed from them with soap and water.
  • Tip: Go big on textures or patterns, so that you can keep the dirt and fur less visible until you find the time to clean.


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