A Celebrity Cinematographer’s Castle

Ryan’s New Home

What Would A Cinematographer’s Designer Home Look Like?

A cinematographer is the brains behind the video and lighting for a film or television production. There are artistic and technical decisions galore to capturing live action scenes that you and I cannot even imagine. How would he translate this professional experience into designing his own home?

The cinematographer in question is Ryan Tan, the Co-Founder of Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), a Singapore production company. NOC began with comedy videos on YouTube but now produces corporate and sponsored videos and social media campaigns.

The home in question is a 1,410-square-feet, two-storey penthouse near Seletar. It is the epitome of a modern, luxury, smart-home. Its design is the result of a harmonious marriage between Ryan’s ideas and preferences and interior design firm The Designer Inn’s openness to receiving and improving them complemented by its capability to present design ideas in 3D and offer superior product knowledge. Interior design portal VEHS.com was the trusted intermediary, linking Ryan with both ideas and reliable vendors.

Evorich Wooden Flooring and Walls

The first thing that strikes you about Ryan’s home is the prominent wood theme. Wood is a building material that Ryan understands and loves, thanks to his architect father, and it complements his wish to be close to nature. The wood theme extends to the floors and decks. Wood, of course, is prone to damage by fire, scratches, termites, and water, so expertise is called for when using it so liberally. Ryan found both expertise and a huge range of wooden materials and textures in EVORICH, a veteran of the floor-, wall-, and deck-material industry in Singapore and the creator of HERF, termed the ‘National Flooring of Singapore’ because of its wide-spread use in residential projects on the island. Decking — done with with Merbau wood, used in Bali resorts due to its toughness and sustainability — was expertly handled by Namsoon Decking.

Home-A-Genius’ Sol Luminaire Light

It should be no surprise that the lighting for his home-to-be was one of Ryan’s most important considerations. He had specific ideas in mind but couldn’t find what he was looking for until a tip from Home-A-Genius, his smart-home vendor, brought him to Sol Luminaire. Sol Luminaire’s lights turned out to be just what he was looking for.

TM Design Associates Selection

Another noteworthy feature (one of many, as you are probably beginning to appreciate) is how the living and dining spaces merge so naturally into each other, another important requirement of Ryan’s. This smart use of space is helped by incorporating hidden storage, mirrors, and soft closings from TM Design Associates, providers of functional and aesthetic carpentry products.

Blum’s Servo-Drive Cabinets

Finally, wouldn’t you like to open all your cabinets and drawers simply by pressing a button? Just one touch of a button activates Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion system and opens or closes an entire wall cabinet. No need for handles to open drawers or lifting doors to open cabinets.

Samsung 75-inch QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung was preeminent when it came to the home appliances. Ryan opted for a 75-inch QLED 4K Smart TV. This television set comes with Samsung’s Quantum Dot Technology, providing ‘true-to-life’ picture quality; was mounted flush against the wall to give that seamless look; and required no messy cables or wires, instead having all external devices connected to the TV via a ‘One-Connect Box’. TV sound was raised to an entirely new level of acoustic experience with Samsung’s true 9.1.4ch Soundbar. The refrigerator selected was the 595L Samsung Family HubTM, a fridge packed with smart features (easy control of compatible smart home devices, bringing the entertainment experience right into the kitchen, etc). The 35L Samsung HotBlast™ Convection Microwave Oven is a wonder of kitchen accessories; it provides a host of functions such as HotBlast™, air frying, grilling, baking, steaming, dehydration, and even fermentation in addition to microwaving! Finally, on the first level of Ryan’s home, all-important air-conditioning was provided by the Samsung Single Split 360 Bladeless Cassette delivering a maximum of 27,300 BTU/hour — effectively the power of 4 compressors in 1!

Ryan’s Balcony

Despite the considerable amount of work required and the 20+ vendors involved, the renovations were completed within a month, a record of sorts. The two main reasons for this were that Ryan knew exactly what he wanted, and he moved back in to the master bedroom once it was done, so he could monitor the work first-hand.

A man’s home is his castle. Ryan’s home is not only his castle but also an example of his design sensibility and artistic expression expressed in 3D form.

Lets Do A 3D Walkthrough Together

That was fun wasn’t it? 😀

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