8 Ways to Stay Cool at Home in Singapore’s Heat

Have you ever been to California where the temperature can be at the same high as Singapore, but you do not feel the scorching heat? This is due to the fact that temperature is not the only factor that affects humans’ heat regulation but several other factors contribute to this as well such as airflow, and humidity. In this article, we discuss some measure that we can take in your homes to regulate and disperse this warm, humid feeling.

  1. Use a ceiling fan and dehumidifier
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Lee Kuan Yew once said that the air conditioner is the most important thing for Singapore’s progress. We believe that a strategically installed fan and humidifier is the second and third most important. Ceiling fans keep the heat generated from our bodies circulating out of the home and brings in fresh air from the outside. Having a dehumidifier in your room reduces the A/C bill as with less humidity in the air of the room, the less hard the A/C has to work. A combination of both can organically make people in the room feel like an air conditioner is turned on at 25 degrees celsius while saving resources and electricity.

  1. Use surfaces that are cool
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Surfaces that are cool to the touch such as marble and natural stones are a good alternative to your floors and countertops around the house. Natural stones have a high thermal diffusivity and makes it much more comfortable when you are sitting around it instead of something like plastic for a long period of time. 

  1. Water features and plants cool your place
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Ever wondered why condo’s with big pools feel cooler than its surroundings? It is because these large pools of water absorb and dissipate heat better. Install a water feature anywhere around your house and have it turned on. It not only cools the air around the feature, but also provides a soothing sound from flowing water and feng shui if you believe in it. One of the jobs of plants, is that they provide shade for animals in the wild. It can provide shade and cool air for us too as it’s leaves are filled with water, and thus have the ability to better fight heat.

  1. Put up blinds and coated windows
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Fight the source of heat which is the sun but putting up blinds or curtains around areas where you know the afternoon sun shines on. These blinds directly block and the sun’s rays from hitting the interior of the home and keep UV rays from directly hitting our skin. Another option is to apply a film of glazing or heat-reflective film on all your windows to keep out the harmful UV rays that creates heat as it bounces around the room. There are added benefits to this as well as it acts as a privacy shield for your windows.

  1. Keep your floor plan open
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Very importantly, ensure that your floor plan is open and that the air flow is not interrupted throughout the room. Stay away from placing big furniture near windows and blocking the path of air as if there is blockage, the air would not be able to recycle move out of the space, thus trapping all the heat within the room. Where possible, keep your furnishings simple, and de-clutter your home as much as possible, the more air gets to flow through, the cooler your apartment will feel.


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