8 Top Instagram Accounts for SG Interior Design to Follow!

Photo by Kate Torline 
  1. @casaid.com.sg

With a whole variety of previous projects done on BTOs and HDBs, Casa Interior Design has the perfect account for you if you own a HDB or BTO and intend to find some inspiration for your next renovation. Many of their projects are resale or new BTOs perfect for a young couple looking for very relevant and modern interior work.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/casaid.com.sg/

Or Website at https://www.casaid.com.sg

  1. @alexis.interior

Alexis Interior’s instagram features clean designs with simple minimalistic works. Their portfolio features projects from HDBs, to Bungalows, Offices and even penthouses. Classy and clean lines are obvious in most of their featured projects and it’s a very light and pleasant account to scroll through. On their website, they mention that coffee is on them if you visit their offices, and so if you do have any project enquiries, this is one of the first spots we would recommend to check out.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/alexis.interior/

Or Website at https://alexisinterior.com/consultation/

  1. @Fifthavenueinterior

Fifth Avenue Interior prides themselves as an independent, local designer firm. Their wall features projects with many different styles befitting their slogan “Your Dream, We Actualize”. Their projects range from monochromatic styles, to bright splashes of color and tastefully appointed sleek furniture featured. Look on their feed for an eclectic mix of interior projects for your home.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fifthavenueinterior/

Or Website at https://www.fifthavenue.com.sg/contact-us/

  1. @darwininterior

Take a look at the vibes of the page and you can clearly see that recessed lighting is one of the hallmarks of this firm. Their projects feature very comfortable and warm lighting from the ceiling to the ground that gives their pictures at projects a very homely feel. Their team specializes in residential and commercial projects and

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/darwininterior/

Or Website at https://darwininterior.com.sg/

  1. @19eightythree.sg

Super chic and friendly, their instagram oozes their team’s friendliness and hospitality. Their designs are ultra luxurious and make use of glass, darkened walls and appointment of beautiful furniture across their projects. Best of all is that they showcase their humanity and team’s character which is down to earth and authentic!

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/19eightythree.sg/

Or Website at https://19eightythree.sg/

  1. @jialux_interiordeisgn

A quick glance will be very clear that Jialux interior design firm and feed is slightly different from the rest. Their instagram feed and website both feature very interesting items that they somehow blend into the surrounding and makes the furniture and space look just right. From nerf guns to golden glazed bulldog statues, check out this instagram account if you want something more eclectic.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/jialux_interiordesign/

Or Website at http://jialuxinterior.com/

  1. @vanhusinterior

Black, black, black is the theme of this account. Van Hus Interior Design is inspired from the literal translation of their name of ‘friend house’. If you are looking for a black interior and inspiration for your project, this is the exact go to account. You will likely find inspiration from one of these images from their feed as they managed to somehow integrate everything from black walls, to black bricks, black floor tiles, and black wood paneling into their spaces.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/vanhusinterior/

Or Website at http://www.vanhus.com/

  1. @Inspire_me_home_decor

Rounding of the list with an international account, Inspire Me! Home Decor is one of the most followed instagram accounts for home ideas inspiration. The work featured is largely for homes in the USA, but inspiration can come from anywhere. Look through this account and see if there are other ideas that you may be able to bring over to a local context.

Check out their instagram at https://www.instagram.com/inspire_me_home_decor/

Or Website at https://inspiremehomedecor.com/


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