7 Office Design Trends in 2020 and Beyond

Today’s landscape for offices is rapidly evolving and changing. As many companies begin to forgo and give up their office leases for an embracement of remote working, some companies continue to push the boundaries in office design so that when their workers come back to the office, they would be comfortable enough to perform as well and better.

  1. Openspace Floor Plans

One of the biggest trends in the last few years in office space design are open space floor plans. Every new technology company and MNC alike has embraced open floor plans where all employees from every level have to sit together on the same floor without doors and partitions. One of the movements pushing this trend forward is transparency in the workplace and a breakdown of management hierarchy as managers believe that breaking down these barriers would help communication and performance. Tips to being able to successfully design an open space floor plans is that there should be adequate space between employees so that they have the ability to move and talk without worrying about affecting their colleagues around them.

  1. Spaces Designed for Serendipitous Meetings
Credit: Google

Serendipitous meetings in the office space encourages communication between teams and colleagues that do not usually get to interact with each other. This facilitation of communication enhances company bonding and helps different teams form a clearer and better understanding of each other not only during work hours but after office hours in these transitional spaces. This can positively impact the company performance and retention in the long run.

  1. Natural Light
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Credit: Gusto

As office spaces move towards a more open culture, they encourage and value natural light floating into the office spaces as it can help to reduce the company electricity bills as well as is better for employees’ sleep and mood regulation. Natural light keeps employees more awake and alert during office hours and also has positive side effects such as providing good airflow for breathing and space for them to move about.

  1. Themed Areas and Rooms
Credit: Google

Themed areas and meeting rooms help to keep the office atmosphere light and authentic. Companies today believe that encouraging more open and honest conversations between their employees during project work or meetings is the key to innovation and success in teams. These themed areas and rooms help to set a lighter mood for their employees to be able to be more authentic with each other.

  1. Comfortable Rest Areas

Many people that spend an entire day at the office would occasionally want or need a short nap or rest. Most individual’s attention spans are not consistent throughout the day and employees would need to unwind occasionally and de-stress throughout the day to help themselves perform better. Providing comfortable rest areas where employees are able to take naps during the day may seem counterintuitive but actually works to keep employees more alert and productive.

  1. Sustainability and Green Areas
Credit: Ambius

Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the most sought after trends the last few years. Offices today tend to show their employees that they value sustainability and to help the environment. They can do this by purchasing paper and recyclable products and materials for their office equipment. Another way they do this is by creating green spaces or walls where live plants are grown in the office to help make the office environment seem less sterile. There are many good effects of planting the correct plants at the end of the day such as the plant being a good circulator of carbon dioxide and oxygen and providing the color green which is relaxing on the eyes of employees.

  1. Flexible Seating

Even before the pandemic, offices were already embracing the flexible and remote sitting arrangements. This way, companies can save more space and accommodate a larger mobiel working force without having to provide every single employee with a seat. Communal tables are place all around the office so that employees have the ability to choose and change their view every single day. This helps them have control over their working desks and mood and would in turn keep productivity at a high in their companies.