6 Steps on How to Decorate your Room from Scratch

Every now and then, we are given a blank slate to work on a particular room or an entire house. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but do not get discouraged. We interviewed some interior designers and researched our home books to share with you 5 words of wisdom to starting and creating beautiful spaces that bring out your character and express your uniqueness in the project.

  1. Start with the end in mind.

Before you start, you should envisage what you would like your room to look like. Is it going to be retro, classy, sophisticated or casual? These are questions that you should be asking yourself. Once you have an idea of where the end is, the beginning is much easier and less daunting.

  1. Identify designs that you love.

Conceptual images play a huge role in design. You should look through platforms like pinterest, interior design websites and resources, and even books. Many of us are visual creatures and having a frame of reference through a picture allows us to get a better sense of what we would like the room to end up looking like. Look through paint colors, to fabrics, and even the type of furniture you plan to bring into the room, as this will give you a better idea what you would need to do next.

  1. Integrate your lifestyle

Be clear about how you will be using the room or space in the near and far future. This gives you a practical view about what kind of features, cabinetry you might need, and helps you to plan ahead to built or position the furniture or fittings. For example, If you have a kid coming soon, you might want to add child proof fittings onto the furniture or have more rounded edges around the walls. You have to understand how your life would be in order to design a room that would serve you, your future needs and family well.

  1. Start with neutral colors

Start your design thinking with more neutral tones and palettes for practicality. If you do have a color that you are fixated on, or would like to use, that would be a good starting point as well. For people who do not, white or off-white is always a safe bet and these colors don’t go out of style. In the mix, you might be able to add some color using stencils that can add a wallpaper or vibrancy to the space.

  1. When you add something eye-popping, replicate it.

When you add a statement piece into the room that is eye-catching or popping, a pro tip is to replicate it elsewhere within the space 3 times. This balances out the soreness of the statement piece and makes it a norm and a coherent theme throughout the room. Usually, if you do not do so, your mind will naturally ask “why is that piece here” or “ that does not fit into the room”.

  1. Think Vertically.

Vertical gardens are all the rage now. With confined living spaces in Singapore, think about how you can decorate up while making it functional at the same time. Use vertical walls and hang images, flower pots, even simple racks that will make the space feel more cosy and well thought out. It brings your eyes up and not just focused on the bottom part of the space.


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