6 Ideas to Save Space for a Small Room

As we all know, developers in Singapore have been making smaller and smaller houses with each year passing by. We are quite lucky that we don’t live in shoe boxes yet like one of our neighboring countries Hong Kong, but with the current situation, we many new apartments still require hacks to make the room more spacious.

A room has the most basic functionality which is to rest at night in. This means that a bed is usually the most important thing in a room which happens to also take up arguably the most space in an average room. We’ll explore some ideas on how we can build and position your bed around this.

  1. Loft beds
Photo by The Wow Decor

Loft beds have been around for a long time. It has been used mostly for kids rooms in the past, but today interior designers have found ways to build such beds catering for adults in a very refined and polished way. These loft beds allow you to utilize the space under them to fit a dresser or a study table to easily double your usable space.

  1. Foldable beds into the walls

A design style that has caught trend in the last few years because of the rise of mini apartments has been foldable beds into a wall. These beds can be flipped down at night, and flipped back up during the day so that you can have a more spacious room to lay a yoga mat or a portable table out to work on. Besides, folding up your bed can help keep you from wanting to fall asleep mid way through your work and keeps you more focused!

  1. Japanese Tatami Mats
Photo by Samsul Adam

If you have ever been to a Japanese Ryokan in Japan, you are missing out! The food is amazing and the guest houses are usually manned by excellent service staff. One of the features of a japanese Ryokan is that you sleep on portable beds called tatami mats and a thin layer of portable mattress that can be folded up. This can double up as a bed space and a day space for you to utilize the whole room when your mattress is folded up. Oh how efficient the japanese are!

  1. Built in Furniture

If you have the budgets, you can look at getting carpentry work done that will be able to customize your wardrobe or dresser into the wall. For example, a dresser’s mirror can feature a door that can be opened anytime and you can put your makeup, amenities and more inside the door of the mirror to make use of every inch of space.

  1. Build storage spaces under your bed frame
Photo by Jeremy Levine

If you opt to sleep on a traditional bed, use your carpenter to build wardrobes and storage units under your bedframe. This is extremely useful as you can hide away all the clutter under your bed and pull it out as and when you need to use specific items.

  1. Install vertical racks
Photo by Decoist

You can look at installing racks on the walls that will allow you to serve multi functions such as hanging your clothes, towels and placing things on the top of the shelf. Additionally, look vertical and you will see that there is a lot of cabinetry space that is unused that could be utilized. The only downside to that is that you would have to likely get in a professional carpenter to install these racks to the ceiling and upper parts of the walls for you.

Another option that you may have is that you could look for a interior designer that does work with space constraints and they would be able to assist you on making the most out of your space.


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