6 Easy Tips to Enhance Your House Aesthetics

Home renovations are all about the small choices that you make that create a great space and beautiful aesthetics. Whether you are looking to improve your home’s livability for yourself and your family, or to increase the value of your home ahead of a sale, these are some small easy tips you can make use of to enhance your house aesthetics without much effort or investment.

  1. Use Mirrors for Small Spaces
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Have you ever been into a space and knocked on a full length mirror confidently as you walked through the room? The reason why this happens is because mirrors give us the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. Use mirrors as a quick hack to make a room seem to be two times bigger. One of the most famous architects of his time, Sir John Soanne was a proponent of this method and it is still used today in many modern architecture tool kits.

  1. Add plants around your home
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Plants give you the feeling that a space is alive. It gives us the feeling that there are other living things around us and that we are connected with nature. Besides this feeling it provides us, it also is good on the eyes as the color green is less harsh on it and looking at more greenery is arguably much more soothing than reading on an electronic device. Green plants also add vibrancy and color to corners of your room if placed correctly. It is a cheap and affordable way to make your room feel more complete.

  1. Be mindful of colors you choose

Colors of a room especially the walls and the color of choice for your furniture is very important in altering the environment of the space you are in. A darker colored room gives a sense of mystique and classiness if matched with the right furniture while white and lighter walls provide a more clinical, clean, and minimalistic feel. Colors can alter moods of the people in the room and is an easy way to drastically change the aesthetics of your space.

  1. Experiment with Lighting
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Lighting may seem like a very basic thing that does not affect the aesthetics of the room but it chanes the setting of the room quite drastically. These days, there are rooms with pre-set settings of lighting conditions for a room in high end developments and apartments, but we do not need that level of sophistication to use lighting to our advantage. On a very basic level, the Kelvin scale which describes the color of the light can vary from 1000K all the way to 10,000K which respectively is yellow to white to blue lighting on the high end of the spectrum. Using lower Kelvin light bulbs gives the room a yellow and more comfortable glow to the room, whereas the higher end of the spectrum lighting at 10,000 Kelvin is a bright white to almost blue color. As a general rule, bedrooms should be towards the lower spectrum yellow light is more warm and comfortable and the public spaces are usually towards the higher end of the spectrum.

  1. Replace your doors and windows

Doors can cost a lot with stringent requirements set by governmental regulations these days. Fortunately the requirements do not apply to doors within your house and you do not have to get fire retardent room doors. You can upgrade your doors that will give your house a more polished and solid appearance at a much lower cost than doing a full renovation. Windows are also another fitting that can be replaced easily. Install large windows with grills that have less thickness so it does not block your view to give a feeling of ground to ceiling views

  1. Add ceiling to floor curtains
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Curtains are often misunderstood and most people see them as dust collectors and non-functional items in a house. For interior designers, curtains can be used to make a space feel cosy and posh if the right materials and patterns are chosen. ONe way to make your windows seem bigger is to extend your curtain rods to be longer than the window and layer shades of curtains to make your space seem customized and posh. Never use skimpy curtains and make sure that they fabric is sturdy for your space to look better.


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