5 Design Choices that Make Your Home Easier to Clean

Let’s face it, cleaning our homes is typically the least favourite part of having our own space. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a low-maintenance home with all the aesthetics we love? Well, what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds, if you make the right design choices? Read on to find out how you can design your way to a breezier cleaning routine. 

1. Covered shelves

Leave no room for dust!
Dust – it’s everywhere, no matter how much we try to clean. It gets even more difficult to clean it up when we have so many objects sitting around. But there’s one way around it – skip the open shelves! Whether you want to simply store your things, or want a pretty showcase to show off your best travel mementos or artwork, there’s always an option . The doors will keep most of the dust out, so that you can have more, but clean less. Check out our tips on how to reduce dust without having to clean your home all the time.


Image Credit: U-Home Interior Design

2. Stain- and water-resistant sofas. Away with stains!

For many of us, much of our time is spent on the sofa – whether it’s sitting around as a family, watching TV, or just spending some time away from the room. Sometimes we eat and drink on the sofa. Other times, we let our pets play around on it. Or, our children may create little messes from time to time. But it’s all good when you choose the right upholstery! Leather, for instance, is easy to clean – just a simple wipe, and you’re done. Just remember to clean up spills right away, and condition it regularly. If you prefer fabric sofas, go for those with stain-repellent treatments or stain-resistant microfibre. You can also choose a sofa with detachable covers, so that you can simply remove them and toss them into the washing machine when they need a clean-up.

Image Credit: U-Home Interior Design
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3. Elevated furniture. Reduce hard-to-reach spaces!

When choosing furniture such as coffee tables or sofas, try to look out for those that give enough space for cleaning equipment to go under. You’ll then be able to easily sweep, vacuum, or mop underneath them. Bonus: creepy crawlies such as cockroaches, lizards and beetles will have fewer places to hide! 

Image Credit: Rezt+ Relax Interior Design

4. Dark grout, or no grout at all. Make toilet cleaning easier!

Bathrooms typically have grout – a mortar or paste for filling in crevices, especially between wall or floor types. If you’ve had a bathroom like this for long enough, you’ll realise that dirt gets stuck there oh-so-easily. It can be a bit of an eyesore, and one way to solve the problem is to use a dark grout, so that any dirt on it will be less visible. Or, you can go with concrete or back-painted glass, especially at the shower area. Cleaning bathroom tiles becomes much easier – all you need to do is to spray and wipe, instead of scrubbing furiously.   

Image Credit: Rezt+ Relax Interior Design

5. Backsplashes for the kitchen. Contain oil and grime!

The kitchen might just be one of the most difficult-to-clean spaces at home – imagine the oil and grime splatter that gets everywhere after cooking. So, protect the walls with an easy-to-clean surface. Consider installing a backsplash – an additional panel that makes cleaning easier – being your sink and/or cooker. Backsplashes are strong, durable and easy to clean. They are also heat resistant, so you’ll have no worries about them buckling under the high-heat situations in the kitchen. Best of all, they can do a lot in making your kitchen look petty – you can choose from a great variety of designs, such as mirrored and marbled effects, and even natural stone! How’s that for a feature wall, right in the kitchen?


Get help from the top interior designers in Singapore! Once you get this easy-cleaning design over and done with, cleaning will be an absolute breeze in the years to come. To make your life even easier, let us link you up with the pros. At VEHS.com, we curate and work with some of the best renovation companies in Singapore, so hit us up for a non-obligatory quote today!

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