4 Ways Smart Lock Will Change Your Life

Have you been locked out of your own home because you forgot your keys?    

Or had trouble letting your relatives into your place to pick something up while you were away?      

Here’s another one: have you broken your key whilst it was inside the lock?      

You can cast these problems aside with a smart lock!      

Here are 4 ways a smart lock can enhance your way of life.      

*Do take note that not all brands of smart locks contain all the following features. Do check with the relevant smart lock manufacturers for more information.*

  1. You’ll never forget your keys again.      

The idea of a smart lock is to bring added convenience. Most smart locks offer a myriad of access options instead of using traditional keys. From PIN codes to RFID credentials, and even your mobile phone, there’s simply no need for you to carry keys around anymore.      

  • Upping your style factor.      

These days, smart locks boast sleek and sophisticated designs that help up your home’s style factor. If you’re not into the universal aesthetic, some are even built to look like standard locks! You’re sure to find one that works with your home decor.      

  • Let your friends or relatives into the house while you are away

Imagine needing a friend or relative to enter your home to water the plants, or take care of a pet while you’re away on holiday. It may be hard to trust them with a key to your home, but with a smart lock, granting access is simple.

Issue PIN codes or Bluetooth keys to them! You can do this from anywhere in the world as most smart locks have an accompanying mobile app. Life can be that easy sometimes!           

  • Keeping your home secure

Smart locks eliminate the risks associated with traditional locks. Features like auto relock, tamper alarm and the fact that no keys are used help to keep your home secure at all times.

You can also track activity logs to keep an eye on who enters your home when, giving you greater peace of mind.

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