4 Tips to Maximise Home Space

Ah, the luxury of space. Sprawling French windows, high ceilings, a private, cosy place for every individual in the house and rooms large enough you could get lost in them. This is a luxury that most of here in Singapore only dream about, unfortunately. With condominiums and BTO flats being built with rooms the sizes of shoeboxes, we really need to focus on maximising space, else face being cramped in sardine tins.

  1. Light

Light is always a good way to make a space look bigger. Bright light allows the eyes to catch everything in the room, reducing the presence of covered, dark corners. Luckily, it is possible to increase the amount of light quite effortlessly. Get rid of curtains. Unless they’re necessary, leaving windows uncovered will give the space the most amount of natural light. If that is not an option, sheer curtains or wooden Venetian blinds and louvres could do the job of protecting your privacy just as well as thick, bulky curtains. Just the same, bulky, intricate lighting could steal space. Expand the room instead by using recessed lighting or sconces.

Photo by Chanikarn Thongsupa
  1. Simplicity

Don’t clutter already small spaces with too much stuff. Simple rugs and minimalist furniture are definitely the right way to go. Stay away from things like thick, dark coloured carpets and heavy, formidable tables. Before you start scouring Carousell and Facebook Marketplace for good deals or freebies, make sure you ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”. We ‘kiasu’ Singaporeans are always out for a bargain but remember, we also have nowhere to put our great buys.

Photo by Rijksmuseum
  1. Colour

Dark colour schemes take away space where lighter ones add to it. Think about the colour of the paint that you choose for your walls and if it will match the colour of your furniture. Having too many colours can make the space look dizzying and uncomfortable. If you’re looking at fancifying walls with art deco, try to find pieces that suit the layout and theme of the rest of the room. Green is always a great colour to have in the house, a colour to take away stress and bring the outside in. It is easy to add green with plants in every corner, hanging plants or even by having a vertical wall installed.

Photo by McKinsey
  1. The art of deception

Reflection is a clever way to fool your eyes into believing that a space is bigger than it is. Carefully placed mirrors can make for beautiful and stylish homes. If full length mirrors are not your thing, cheap mirror stickers come in many shapes and sizes and are easily available, a perfect way to create designs on feature walls. Glass-top tables and shelves with glass doors also aid in this art of reflective deception.

Homes in Singapore may be getting but smaller and smaller but with a little creativity and planning, tiny homes can become pretty big in value, comfort and style. We can make a lot of space at home even though we may be running out of space in this country.


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