4 Signs On When Your Air Conditioner System Need A Chemical Overhaul Service

Air conditioner temperature is getting warmer.

Signs: You need to set your temperature at 18 degree in order to cool down your room.

What happened? There is a dust choke in the evaporator coil. The air passing through the coil is not able to blow out smoothly

Your air conditioner has a weak airflow

Signs: Your room cools down slower than usual

What happened?: The air is not blowing out smoothly and there is insufficient circulation

Your air conditioner is making loud noises

Signs: You are hearing “fuu fuu” sound coming out from your air conditioner

What happened?: The air is trying to escape but is choked due to your dirty coil and blower

Your air conditioner starts giving out a pungent smell.
Sign: A pungent smell that does not go away

What happened?: This is due to the accumulation of mould, mildew and bacteria that got stuck in between the coils in the air conditioner. These are bad for health and should be checked as soon as you can.


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