5 Tips for Building Your Own Home Gym

Want to exercise at home? Top tips to build your very own gym.

With the ever-changing COVID-19 safe-distancing measures, some of us are staying at home more than ever. For the gym enthusiasts, we may find that the measures are changing frequently. We may be needing something to tide us through times when our gyms are closed. Here’s a suggestion – build a gym at home, so that you can still maintain your exercise regime, whether your gyms are closed or not. Read on for some tips on building your very own workout area. 

1. Work with the space you have.

Here in Singapore, most of us living in HDB flats, studio apartments and condo apartments don’t have the luxury of space. So, most importantly, clear up the space so that you’ll have ample space to jump, kick, punch – all the cool cardio moves. You can also pick some space-saving equipment, such as weights, resistance bands, a door-mounted pull-up bar or a TRX system. And if you already have a bicycle, you can use it at home too – just get a bicycle mount, and voila, you’ve got a stationary bike! 


2. Focus on the basics.

We know, a treadmill, a spin bike, punching bag or a trampoline all sound exciting. But we probably don’t need them all, or have enough space or resources. Plus, a home gym may not end up being a long-term plan, so it’s best to start with something small, versatile and affordable. You can start with basic multipurpose gear such as:

  • A yoga mat for yoga, pilates or stretching (or simply to be considerate to your downstairs neighbour
  • Resistance bands for stretching and strength training
  • Dumbbells for strength training
  • A jump rope for cardio

3. Make the most of your space.

You can also incorporate smart storage space. For example, a wall mount for the abovementioned bicycle will help you save space, add to your home’s aesthetics (if you’ve got a nice bike) and keep it safe from the sometimes-notorious bike thieves in HDB estates. You can also use the wall for storage. Think:  a rack for your yoga mats, towels, weights (they have to be at the bottom, of course) and more. Tip: place them where you can see them, so that you’ll be more encouraged to use them. Not out of sight, not out of mind!

4. Get the vibe right.

A home gym must be bright, airy, and nicely ventilated – it’s never nice to work out in a place that’s stuffy, dark and maybe even smelly (your family members or housemates will thank you too!). Keep your space well-ventilated, perhaps without the air-conditioning on. 

5. Throw in some interior design hacks.

A few home décor tweaks here and there can work wonders in pumping up your home gym experience. For example, if you need to watch training videos, having a TV set-up is great, along with quality speakers to amp up your motivation. Mirrors are also essential to any gym set-up, as you’ve likely noticed during your gym sessions. They help you ensure that you maintain a good form and posture while working out; they also help to minimise accidents. Design-wise, they also help enlarge and brighten a space visually! If you need help designing your own home gym, consider approaching a professional for help – you can reach out to some of the top interior designers in Singapore here.

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